Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Children’s Day Programme at IMBS Green Campus

Children’s Day, a special occasion dedicated to celebrating our youth’s bright futures and limitless potential, was marked in a truly remarkable way at IMBS Green Campus this year. On October 4, 2023, a heartwarming program was organized to open free savings accounts for the students studying at the campus.

The event took place at the Green Campus branch premises, and it was graced by the presence of Prof. Sarath Amunugama, the Honorary President of IMBS Green Campus, and a delegation from the Bank of Ceylon Super Branch in Gampaha. The program was conducted under the expert guidance of the Honorary Manager of the Bank of Ceylon Super Branch in Gampaha.

Investing in the Future

The decision to open free savings accounts for the students reflects a deep commitment to investing in the future of these young individuals. It’s a gesture that acknowledges the importance of financial literacy and long-term financial planning from an early age.

A Bright Future Beckons

As the students of IMBS Green Campus opened their free savings accounts on this special Children’s Day programme, a bright and promising future lay ahead. The program’s mission was clear: to empower these young minds with the knowledge and tools to navigate the financial landscape confidently.

This initiative benefits the individual students and contributes to the broader vision of a financially literate and economically empowered generation. The students now have the foundation to make informed financial decisions, set goals, and work towards a prosperous and secure future.