Expanding Horizons: IMBS Green Campus’s Computer Donation Programme

In line with its ongoing commitment to provide equal education and digital literacy opportunities, the Students’ Union of IMBS Green Campus Kurunegala Branch continued the second phase of their programme to supply free computers to rural schools without computer facilities. On the 23rd day of October 2023, the programme reached its latest milestone with an impactful event held at Ridigama Pahala Ogodopola Vidyalaya, Kurunegala. This occasion marked the generous donation of five valuable computers to the school, fostering the growth of computer literacy among the students.

Bridging the Digital Divide

The heart of this programme lies in bridging the digital divide that often hinders the progress of students in rural areas. IMBS Green Campus firmly believes that access to technology is a fundamental right that can unlock the potential of children, irrespective of their geographical location.

A Brighter Future Awaits

As the students of Ridigama Pahala Ogodopola Vidyalaya embark on their digital learning journey, a brighter future awaits them. With access to computers and the backing of their community, they are better equipped to excel in a world where technology plays an increasingly significant role.

IMBS Green Campus remains steadfast in its mission to bring positive change into the lives of students. Initiatives like the computer donation programme reflect this commitment, and the campus eagerly anticipates more opportunities to empower young minds and foster growth and development within the communities it serves.