The Computer Assembling Workshop

In a bid to bridge the digital divide and empower schools in the Gampaha and Kurunegala Districts, the Student Union of IMBS Green Campus initiated a computer donation program with a noble vision. Taking a proactive approach, the Student Union organized a ticket sale campaign to collect funds, enabling the purchase of computer parts to assemble full computers. The result was an inspiring one-day workshop organized by the Information Technology (IT) diploma lecturers, where students actively participated in assembling computers and learning about computer hardware components.

With a shared commitment to making a positive impact on local communities, the Student Union members at IMBS Green Campus saw the need for technology access in schools, especially those located in underserved areas. Recognizing the potential of donated computers in empowering young minds, they set their sights on creating a sustainable program that would bring the digital world within reach for these students.

To kickstart the computer donation program, the Student Union organized a ticket sale campaign among students and faculty members. The response was overwhelming, with an enthusiastic wave of support pouring in from every corner of the campus. The funds collected were utilized to purchase the necessary computer parts, laying the foundation for assembling complete computers that would soon find their new homes in schools lacking access to such resources.

Under the guidance of the IT diploma lecturers, the one-day workshop commenced at IMBS Green Campus, buzzing with excitement and a sense of purpose. The students, driven by the desire to make a difference, actively participated in the hands-on activity of identifying computer hardware components and learning how to assemble a computer from scratch properly. The workshop was meticulously organized, ensuring every student received personalized attention and comprehensive knowledge about computer hardware.

The success of the workshop was such that two parallel sessions were conducted simultaneously at IMBS Green Campus branches in both Gampaha and Kurunegala. This expansion allowed more students to engage in the program, doubling the impact and spreading the benefits to a wider community.

With passion and dedication, the students, guided by their IT diploma lecturers, assembled the computers with precision and care. The feeling of fulfilment was palpable as they realized the potential of their efforts in transforming education for young minds.