Celebrating the Success of the Computer Donation Programme: IMBS Green Campus Raffle Draw Winners

It was a day of excitement and celebration at the IMBS Green Campus Gampaha Branch as the much-anticipated raffle draw took place on August 15, 2023. The occasion was nothing short of a joyous festivity, with the campus’s management proudly announcing the winners of the raffle draw. The winners, chosen from a pool of enthusiastic supporters of the student union’s Computer Donation Programme, had not only shown their unwavering support but had also contributed to a noble cause.

The Computer Donation Programme, initiated by the student union of IMBS Green Campus, aimed to bridge the digital divide by providing computers to rural schools in Sri Lanka. This ambitious project received immense support from the IMBS Green Campus community, including students, faculty, staff, and well-wishers. Their collective efforts and contributions made it possible to donate computers to underserved schools, empowering the next generation with access to technology and educational resources.

The raffle draw marked a way for the management to express gratitude to the generous supporters who made this initiative a success. The prizes included various valuable gifts, and the winners were carefully selected at the event.

The event started with a heartwarming speech from the IMBS Green Campus administration, commending the students for their dedication to the cause and the spirit of giving. They highlighted the significance of such projects and how they contribute to the development of both individuals and society.