A Donation by IMBS Green Campus to the University of Kelaniya

In a remarkable display of community support and collaboration, IMBS Green Campus proudly announced the donation of 25 bunk beds to the University of Kelaniya. Facilitated through the University of Kelaniya Alumni Association, this contribution marks a significant step towards enhancing the living conditions of the university’s students.

The initiative was set into motion following a request from the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya, Senior Professor Nilanthi De Silva, who approached the Alumni Association with the vision of providing comfortable accommodations for students in the university’s newly established hostel.

Through this collaborative effort, IMBS Green Campus is reaffirming its commitment to the advancement of education and student welfare. The bunk beds, which will find their place in the new university hostel, are not just pieces of furniture but symbols of care and support that will significantly contribute to enhancing the overall student experience.

This philanthropic gesture signifies the strength of the bond between academia, alumni, and socially responsible institutions. The University of Kelaniya, in partnership with IMBS Green Campus, has demonstrated that the pursuit of excellence extends beyond classroom walls, creating an environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

The IMBS Green Campus and the University of Kelaniya community look forward to witnessing the positive impact these bunk beds will have on the lives of the students, fostering an environment of comfort, camaraderie, and success.