Students Assemble Computers for Rural School Donation Project

In an inspiring display of community service and technical prowess, students from the 70th Online Batch of the IMBS Green Campus Information Technology Diploma Course recently assembled computers to be donated to rural schools. This initiative, aimed at bridging the digital divide and enhancing educational opportunities in underserved areas, took place at the IMBS Green Campus.

Empowering Through Technology

The project is part of the IMBS Green Campus’s ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for social good. Recognizing the crucial role that access to computers plays in modern education, the students undertook the challenge of building and donating fully functional computer labs to rural schools that lack such resources.

Hands-On Learning Experience

On the day of the assembly, the atmosphere at the IMBS Green Campus was one of enthusiasm and collaboration. Guided by their instructors, the students meticulously assembled each computer, ensuring that all components were correctly installed and operational. This hands-on project provided the students with practical experience that complemented their theoretical knowledge from the Information Technology Diploma Course.